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ReStoring Data partners AerialX to offer Drone Forensic Services

Drone forensic services is now being offered by ReStoring Data. Drone forensics was just added to the list of the company’s offerings which already include data recovery and digital forensics for computers and mobile phones.

Drone Forensics Now Offered by ReStoring Data

Comprehensive drone forensic services are now available at ReStoring Data. This new digital forensic service comes at a time where the ability to acquire and fly big and fast unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAVs” or “drones”) is easier than ever.This new forensic service offered by ReStoring Data can be utilized by anyone, from law enforcement to individuals, to extract and analyze data from drones involved in improper operations. ReStoring Data has developed expertise and proprietary tools, in partnership with AerialX, to provide forensically sound analyses of drones.

It is expected that drones will become involved in an increasing number of problematic incidents. Privacy invasion, property damage, industrial espionage, and terrorism are just a few examples of situations where government officials will need special expertise. With the right tools at hand, a drone’s internal data will lead investigators right to its pilot. There is a potential wealth of evidence in a drone, but only if the logs are parsed properly.

Data that is stored in drones includes second-by-second GPS telemetry, past flight paths, and saved flight plans. Each model can have a different type of telemetry storage format, but ReStoring Data’s developers are equipped to decode the logs of popular UAV models or work to develop innovative technology for rare UAVs. The company is prepared to assist clients with forensically analyzing any UAV, even those severely damaged in a crash, by leveraging its exemplary forensic team of technicians, analysts, and developers in its fully-equipped data recovery and digital forensics lab.

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“Collaboration between our incredible staff and experts in the drone and forensics industries has allowed us to expand service into the field of drone forensics,” said Noam Kenig, CEO of ReStoring Data. “The array of evidence our analysts can extract from virtually any drone is unbelievable and will be of immense value to any investigation or legal case involving a drone.”

ReStoring Data now has the expertise and in-house tools required to completely analyze drones for any information that might assist those seeking justice.

Want to know more? Visit our Drone Forensics Service page or e-mail us Drones@ReStoringData.ca with inquiries about this new service.

Vancouver, Canada, August 10, 2017 –(PR.com)–



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