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I Have No Relationship With Tonto Dikeh’s Husband – Rosy Meurer


Oladunni Churchill and his wife Nollywood Actress Tonto DikehIt’s the turn of Nollywood actress, Rosy Meurer to have an advice for married ladies.

This, however, can be seen as a shade on Tonto Dikeh who just yesterday, went on her Instagram to pen down a very emotional message on domestic violence experienced by women in marriage and how it affects the children involved.

She said ” It’s a bond yo! An agreement with yourselves and God. Yes there are ups and downs and it’s not always all that rosy but hey we are born in a time where if something is broken we just throw it away! Why not try IF SOMETHING IS BROKEN, FIX IT!

There is no guarantee that your next catch will be any better. Embrace and keep in mind all the good sides of someone and work on how to deal with the bad sides. Your next partners bad side might be even worst. No one is perfect.”

“I’m 25 years old. Never been married but hey it’s quite logical. Your marriage doesn’t have anything to do with anyone else but you and your partner. Y’all were made and item. Deal with whatever situation y’all going through and look at it as a phase.

Nawa o. All this marriage matter is so cliche. it’s not that serious oh. It’s something that just flows and happens. It’s not a do Or die thing. These days marriage has been made to look so scary.

People are still happily married with zero worries”, she concluded.

Earlier in 2017, Tonto Dikeh while on an interview with Media Hub Room, dropped the news that Rosy Meurer was allegedly the other woman in her marriage.

“I am aware of her. I am aware that she is sleeping with my husband. I am aware that my husband is taking care of her. I am also aware that she is the reason that my husband abandoned his son and me for close to two months just before the Big Foundation thing we did in December”.

Tonto Dikeh also said that her husband bought a car for her recently. “My husband bought that car for her. My husband is responsible for her” she revealed.

Rosy Meurer while on an interview with Hip Tv, however, denied having any relationship with Tonto’s husband, Churchill Oladunni, claiming she sees him as her mentor and someone with a good heart.


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