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Is Khloe Kardashian Pregnant?


Khloe Kardashian parties with The GameWhat happened to Khloe Kardashian’s famous curves?! We can’t say if she’s just got them covered up in her comfy sweats or if she’s added some weight to her 24-inch waist-trained waist.

Of course sometimes a girl will let herself go a little once she gets comfortable with her man — she’ll start wearing sweats and fur slides when she leaves the house; she’ll leave the makeup at home and she’ll skip the blow-out. And don’t go hating us in the comments for “shaming” Khloe — you know we LOVE Khloe and we think she looks amazing, but no girl can tell us we’re being sexist or politically incorrect by saying that oftentimes women take it down a couple notches once they’ve got their man locked down …

Speaking of locked down … the other explanation for Khlo looking a little on the larger side could be … that perhaps … she’s pregnant!!!


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