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Plumbing Issues You Should Seek Help For

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Plumbing may look like basic mechanics and some water flowing through it, which is why people often try to fix plumbing issues on their own, before regretting and giving up. Specialists at Mike’s Chicago Plumbing, a leading plumber service in Skokie and other areas in Chicago, state that many of the emergency cases they respond to are ones that involve tampering in an attempt to make minor fixes, which worsens the situation.

Without the technical know-how of plumbing and waterworks, you could injure yourself, damage your property and end up spending more on repairs.

Here are some emergency plumbing situations you should not attempt to fix yourself.

When Is It Time to Call a Plumber?

  • Water pressure issues: There are many reasons for low water pressure in the taps and showers. Obstructed pipes, backend supply issues, faulty pipe designs and other factors that may not be apparent to the layman. A professional plumber can inspect and provide the best solution for the root cause. Trying to fix it by yourself could damage the sewer lines, which will only slow the water pressure down further.
  • Issues with hot water supply: Parallel supply of hot water can sometimes be caused due to a defect in the water heater. Water heaters have a complex design and can falter for a number of reasons that can be easily diagnosed by experienced professionals. Whether it is a total breakdown or a small defect in some part, call a plumber and have him take a look at it. These heaters use electrical and gas systems that are best not messed with.
  • Blockage – If water often backs up in your bathroom or kitchen, you may have a sewer line blockage. Severe blockages are caused with there is sediment buildup, large non-flushable objects or even tree roots stuck in the way. Not all blockages can be cleared with chemicals and acids, so call for professional help to find out what is causing the issue and what should be done about it. In fact, 24-hour plumber services in Skokie, Chicago, have attended cases where the pipe itself was punctured in an attempt to clear the line and had to be replaced. If things get worse, a sewer line accident can even expose your home to raw sewage!
  • Bursting of pipes – This problem is commonly faced in the Chicago winter, when water temperatures drop so low that the water freezes in the pipes. The frozen water begins to expand the pipeline, which may result in its bursting. Areas of a pipe affected by the weather are not only hard to locate but also hard to fix without risking the pipe’s condition. If you try looking for the frozen part by turning your mains off, it can cause seepage. And even if you locate the frozen part and try to fix it you might end up cracking the hardened pipe and risk flooding.

Besides these, you must also consult a professional emergency plumbing service for widespread seepage, severe leakage and major installations that require water supply.


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