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Top 4 Signs That You Need to Invest in New Floor Cleaning Equipment

Floor Cleaning Equipment
Floor Cleaning Equipment

Your business is a busy place and there’s quite a bit of floor traffic. Keeping the carpeting and the tile clean can be a full-time job. If you really want to keep the place looking great, it pays to know when the time has come to invest in new floor cleaning equipment. Here are a few signs that the time has come to go shopping.

The Same Areas Have to be Covered Multiple Times

There was a time when one pass with the scrubber or carpet cleaner was enough to remove just about any type of dirt or grime. Now your cleaning team reports they are having to go over areas three or four times to remove grime that is not even ground into the material. While it’s true that some adjustments and maybe a new part or two could restore the efficiency, it’s also possible that the equipment is worn out. When the latter is the case, you would do well to forget about repairs and purchase new machines.

You Notice Streaks in the Carpeting

Even after the cleaning crew have done their best, you can still see faint streaks or tracks in the carpet pile. No amount of adjusting seems to make them go away. In the past, there were no streaks. Something has changed and it isn’t new people operating the equipment. If an inspection by a repair professional indicates the unit is failing, the time has come to invest in a replacement.

The Tiles are Still Gritty After Being Scrubbed

Your automatic scrubbers used to leave the tiles spotless and smooth to the touch. Lately, it seems as if there is a little residue left behind. You don’t really notice it until the floor is completely dry, but the grit is definitely there. It may be time to change the brushes or the problem could be more complicated. Have a professional take a look and see what can be done. If the repair will be expensive and the scrubber is an older model, choosing to replace it could save money in the long run.

The Equipment Breaks Down Frequently

It’s not so much the results you see when the carpeting or tile is cleaned. The real problem is how often the equipment is out of service for repairs. In the past, all the devices needed was basic maintenance and perhaps a new part now and then. Since it seems as if you are purchasing more scrubber or carpet cleaner parts every month, it’s time to break the trend. Instead of spending one more penny on parts, go ahead and buy new floor cleaning equipment. You will save yourself time, frustration, and money in the years to come.

There’s no need to make simple cleaning projects more complicated. Start looking at new machines today. Consider opting for a different model or design if it will make the tasks easier. You may be surprised at how those new machines make your floors look so much better.


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