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Drake Hangs Out With Millie Bobby Brown

DrakeBrace yourself, folks, because this is a good one.

Just when you thought you’d had enough of the Stranger Things hype (said no-one ever), the show’s star Millie Bobby Brown and none other than rap royalty Drake have posted two Instagrams that ignited the excitement of 27 October – the series two of Stranger Things release date – all over again.

Both currently in Australia, the pair hung out at Drake’s concert and the resulting selfies are absolute gold.

First, we have Millie’s post which, as she’s the coolest 13-year-old on the planet, naturally took a more understated approach to documenting their backstage hang.

Smiling sweetly while Drake literally flashes the largest grin you will ever see, his excitement makes us question who is fan-girling who in this picture.

Simply captioning the Insta, ‘This guy… ❤️’, Millie played her Drake encounter cool throughout.

Nicely done, Millie, nicely done.

Moving swiftly on to Drake, the Canadian crooner – who is rumoured to be dating model Bella Hadid – didn’t hold back when it came to getting the most out of meeting the Stranger Things superstar.

Channeling the spirit of Millie’s Netflix character Eleven, the pair stood with palms outstretched with Drake captioning the snap: ‘Hawkins very own.’

We’re hoping that their attempt at telekinesis worked and what we’re actually seeing is a photo they took by themselves – as if the selfie needed to be any more epic.


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