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Yomi Fabiyi Told Me Having Sex For Roles Is Normal For Actresses – Eniola Omoshalewa


yomi fabiyiAn Social Media user has shared on social media an allegation that Yoruba actor Yomi Fabiyi harassed her sexually over a nine years ago.

According to the woman Eniola Omoshalewa Eunice, who is now a Realtor, Fabiyi demanded for a sexual favour in exchange for a role in a movie.

She wrote:
“This stupid guy, I remember my encounter with him about 9 years ago wen I was so passionate about acting.

I was happy wen I met him as he promised that he would feature me in a movie that very day. I was so excited, I quickly called my people that I wouldn’t be coming home. I dey go location.

Only for him to be telling me that shey I know I cant sleep in a separate room when we get to the location o.

At ikorodu. That we have to sleep together and he will have sex with me before he can feature me at all. He say na normal tin for all actresses o. I was so heart broken.

You know what dis guy now did? As I told him I can’t do it, he just dropped me along the expressway in the middle of the busy road in Ketu. I cried till I arrived home. My mama just dey console me like baby.”

Fabiyii has said the allegation is false. He described the events as “pull him down by all mean syndrome,” and explained that he didn’t own a car nine years ago.

He said “You all will be surprised to know that a very very close person is even behind all this and other fake accounts and proxies. She has been an enemy for long, snitching since I can remember despite all but all I have for all these logba lagidis is FORGIVENESS. Mo juwon lo, egbe baba won lemi n se. I don’t dignify everybody with a response. Can u imagine, you agreed to sleep over and I will now bother myself with asking you if you will sleep with me. That 9yrs ago I never sure of getting a room without being paired let alone someone following me. Another big lie is that I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO DRIVE LET ALONE OWN A CAR 9YEARS AGO. Awon were. I will respond formally to genuine allegations. NOW NA THEM THEY GIVE PERSON ATTENTION UNSOLICITED. These ones have been watchin CNN lately.”

“20K for any vital information to the office or house address of the lady whose picture is here. Name: Eniola Omoshalewa Eunic However I must add that someone very close to me(one of these female actors is the no 1 suspect and almost going to be responsible for all this). I will call her out as soon as evidence(s) links her by any means, I wil not listen to any plea but ensure I get justice. I hav been good to her but the envy and afi emi in her DNA is deep. I am tired of tolerating her. She has been an evil all along but poses as a friend, she is ever present online and hurt loads of people via proxies(making forceful friendship with fans, then feed them with damning info to use against her targets mostly colleagues, even if you are nice to her or those seen as competitors), she then use fake account(s) to follow up, she alone want to trend or stay up, so any other progressing becomes her ache and night mare. She does this anytime I am enjoying public appeal on any exploit or if my movie is doing well and am getting overwhelming love from fans(in the case of my current movie on youtube AGBEDE MEJI). She is fingered with Baba Suwe’s saga, Moji Olaiya matter & of course the burial appellation just to hurt those goodwill and be above. OUR FANS DON’T WRITE OR TALK SUCH DIRTY, NOT EVEN AGAINST SOMEONE STANDING IN FOR OTHERS; WEAK, SICK OR DEAD. She is EVIL & always on cheap drugs. By the time I am thru with her, you all will realise she is actually NAKED. I won’t say more than this for now, let me fish out this strange lady first and escort her to prison by all means possible. Those still in her tool lists will learn by force. Won ti to were. I am a one man mopol. This one is a curse not a colleague or friend. Na small time remain. Freedom of speech IS NOT freedom from prosecution. Trust me fans, friends and colleagues, I am not a saint nor trying to look perfect but blackmail, cyber-attacks and defamation of character are both serious criminal and civil matters that must not be taken with levity and on this I wish to clear my name. It is not the words of bullies or enemies that hurts, it’s the silence of friends. I thank my fans & good frnds for ur support. YF”


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