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Jurgen Klopp Blames His Players

zkloppagaJurgen Klopp has said Liverpool have to cope with the pressure of performing week-in, week-out to earn a place in next season’s Champions League.

“How can we play football like this, pass like this, attitude, run like this, and then we get this [result]?” he told reporters.

“It feels not fair, but it is fair because we made the mistakes.

“We are a team, so if one makes a mistake and the other one cannot help, we are responsible. I am responsible, how I said always, and I feel it. But the performance was good and we need to perform — if we perform we will stay [fourth], or we can climb. If we don’t perform we don’t deserve it, so we are under pressure, our own pressure.

“The boys have real potential; mix it up with attitude [and] it is quality. It was quality [against Arsenal]; not for a result but enough for a good performance.

“It was draw number eight and we should have won, like all the other draws. In the development, that’s a very important thing.

“In a very difficult league, performance-wise we are really consistent so far. If we stay consistent and avoid our mistakes, mistakes like [on Friday], we will win much more games than we lose or draw.

“As it was and so it will be against Swansea, we have to perform first of all and then we have to see how the other team can react.”


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