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Buhari Has Performed Woefully – Tunde Bakare

Tunde BakareTunde Bakare of the Latter Rain Assembly has come down hard on the Buhari led federal government, stating; “this is not the government we all hoped for”. He also castigated the administration for “allowing Nigerians to kill themselves”.

“This government that promised change at the beginning…we never thought this is how they’ll perform so woefully”, Bakare said when asked if he thought the Buhari government has been a failure.

With all the powers at the disposal of the federal government, to allow Nigerians to be killing each other this way is unfortunate”, the clergyman said.

“Some of this could be avoided. You are now preaching peaceful coexistence to farmers to fold their hands and watch the people who are coming to take their lands.

“I watched the video of how Falae’s farm was burnt to the ground by the criminal and heartless people.

“I have seen Fulani herdsmen before. I grew up in the north, we play with them, they play with us, all these ones carrying AK47, who gave them the guns? Who licensed it for them?” Bakare asked.


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