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I Don’t Blame Any Nigerian Man Who Believes The System Has Failed – Charles Novia

Charles Novia eCharles Novia says Femi Ogedengbe is a brave man and we believe.

The director said this in an Instagram post he shared on Saturday, February 10, addressing his former colleague’s choice to leave Nigeria and his movie acting dreams, to create a future for his children.

“Sometimes when I teach young actors some techniques in acting or when I direct some actors on how I want them to build up anger and explode, my favorite example I use is from the 1982 movie ‘FIRST BLOOD’ starring Sylvester Stallone. In the final confrontation scene, after a stand off with the local Police authorities, Rambo is quietly coerced by his former trainer , Colonel Trautman, who tells him it’s over. As seen from the swift and angry reaction in that scene, munched in this picture, Rambo yells ‘IT AIN’T OVER! NOTHING IS OVER’ and proceeds to give an angry rant of why it’s not over for him. Then, in an emotional twist, he gradually expends his pent up fury at the system and reveals a loneliness when he falls down weeping. It’s one of the most moving scenes in film history in my opinion and I always make reference to this scene when I’m teaching about character emotional build ups; that explosion inside. For some days, Nollywood Actor Femi Ogedengbe has been trending over a report that he relocated to USA with his family and he’s now a Security Guard. Angry at the snide remarks and jests by some trolls, Femi released a video on his YouTube page where he cussed out those who think he made a wrong choice by leaving. I watched the video and for me that was The Rambo Moment in his life. I absolutely do not blame any man in Nigeria who is a family man and who has been failed by the system and who believes that the next option to feed his family and take care of his well being is to legitimately relocate to a better country for the future of his kids. That’s a brave man sacrificing his living a life of lies on red carpets here, his fame and recognition here in Nigeria juxtaposed to going home everyday worried about the hungry family, his gradual decline into blackholes of angst and despair, for the only way he could see to redeem his children’s future. Femi is a brave man. He did what he had to do. Many will stay back and bite the dust, many would leave and kiss the stars. It’s all about choices.

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It’s all about a future they want and will build. It’s all about family. He found his Rambo Moment. We all will find ours to help our country one way or the other.”

Barely one week ago, Femi Ogedengbe came out on social media to address rumours about his new life and search for greener pastures in the United States.

The former actor revealed that he has been working as a security guard since he arrived in U.S.A and that he left the country because of poverty.

In the lengthy post, Femi revealed that thungs have were not very easy for him in Nigeria and that he chose to leave the country in search of greener pastures than to be doomed to a life of poverty.


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