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People Should Not Feel Aggrieved About Election Results – GEJ

ORITSEJAFOR GEJThe Election Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA) Mission to Sierra Leone, has advised the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to ensure that election guideline are followed in the collation of voting.

Jonathan said it was important for NEC to ensure that the collation of the results followed due process and laid down rules and regulations.

He said recording peaceful voting was just one aspect of election, the process of collating the result was also critical.

“If you look at the problem that we have in Kenya, it is not the voting per say, it was the transmission of results that people challenged in the court and the election was nullified in Supreme Court.’’

He expressed satisfaction with the turnout of voters and advised them to accept the results when declared.

“We plead that if there is no major incident, at the end of the day people should be able to accept the result of the elections.

“Where you feel aggrieved in one way or the other, people should follow the elections guidelines.’’

Commending the voting process, Jonathan said he monitored it, interacted with other observer missions, both foreign and local, adding that “the information so far is identical.’’

“People are impressed with the turnout and the commitment of the ordinary people to vote.

“Some of the voters came out as early as 12 midnight to vote, queue, wait patiently for the poll to start in the morning by 7 a.m.’’


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