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Europe And The West Are Not Greener – Nasiru El-Rufa’i

Nasir El RufaiNasiru El-Rufa’i has warned the youths against migrating illegally out of the country, saying rather, they should remain, work hard and build bright future for themselves.

“Illegal migration is an unusual type of brain drain with several devastating effects synonymous with modern day slavery.

“The youth population in Nigeria nurture the wrong impression that Europe and the West are greener, whereas, unknown to them. the condition of living there is hard, unsympathetic and devoid of community life that accommodates the interest of one another.”

He pledged to partner with the NYSC and PAIGAS in this respect.

El-Rufa’i also assured that the state government would provide additional hostel accommodation and upgrade of facilities at the NYSC Orientation camp in Kaduna.


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