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I Always Want To Run – Gabriel Jesus

gabriel jesusGabriel Jesus has said he’s returning to his best form after an MCL injury significantly hampered his season this term.

“I am very self-critical and always will be. I think this makes me want to improve, always,” he said.

“But just because I’m self-critical and say what I thought of my performance in a game, it doesn’t mean I will bring myself down, ever. This is a point that just makes me improve. If I see that I didn’t do well, I am going to want to get better, always. This only helps me out.”

Because of his injury and then sharing minutes with fellow City striker Sergio Aguero this season, Jesus stands to arrive in Russia fresh, having played in just 42 games in all competitions.

Asked if the rest will benefit him in Russia, Jesus said: “It depends. I, particularly, in my case, I don’t think it would be a problem, because I practice very hard, I take care of myself and I’m young.

“So I always want to run, I always want to play. But, of course, I will get there a little less worn out.”


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