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Liverpool Now Have A Lot Of Intensity, Quality And Rhythm – Rafa Benitez

KloppbigRafa Benitez told Marca the Champions League final will pit Real Madrid’s experience against Liverpool’s advantage in intensity.

He said Madrid had come through awkward moments to get to the final on May 26 in Kiev, Ukraine, while Liverpool’s ability to blitz opponents was shown in their semifinal against Roma.

“It will be a very interesting final,” Benitez said. “Watching Madrid against Juventus and Bayern [Munich], you a realise they have experience and quality, know how to manage difficult situations in games. … That is a plus.

“Liverpool, by contrast, have a lot of intensity, quality, rhythm. … The rhythm in the Premier League is above other leagues, and you saw that against Roma.”

Benitez, then, doesn’t see a clear winner ahead of the game.

“Both could win,” he said. “The first goal will determine how the game develops. … I have a lot of respect for both sides. May the best team win.”


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