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The Acceptance Of Peace Corps Could Not Be Overemphasised – Ndubuisi

House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu DogaraThe House of Representatives, on Thursday, voted against the Bill for an Act to Establish the Nigerian Peace Corps.

The President had given two reasons for rejecting the proposed organisation.

One of which was “security concerns regarding the proposed Nigerian Peace Corps being authorised to undertake activities currently being performed by extant security and law enforcement agencies.”

The second reason was “financial implications of funding the establishment and operations of the proposed Nigerian Peace Corps, given the scarce financial resources, which may pose serious challenge to the government.”

According to Ndubuisi, Nigeria should be able to operate a security system that can be juxtaposed with international practice.

He said the acceptability of the bill could not be overemphasised.

Monguno said the establishment of Peace Corps would help to strengthen the country’s security structure.

”No amount of money spent to guarantee security of lives and property will be too much,” he said.

Orji argued that if passed into law, the creation would help to combat the high rate of unemployment among the youths in the country.

”There are many jobless people in our society today. And when a boy has nothing doing, he will end up as area boy. So if Peace Corps will reduce unemployment rate, I think we should see it as a palliative measure,” she said.


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