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Yoga Bracelets: To Buy or Not to Buy

Considering whether to get a yoga bracelet or not? And do you know the symbolism behind a chakra bracelet? Do you know what for and how exactly it is used by yogis? If not, you’ve missed a lot.

A chakra bracelet, which is worn by a lot of experienced yogis, is not just a beautiful accessory. It has its own meaning and purpose. So, if you’re interested in chakra bracelet symbolism you should really find out more. Many people buy those beads for a good reason.

Yoga Bracelets and Seven Chakras

If you are already into yoga for a while, you probably know what a chakra is. To make a long story short, a chakra is an energy hub in the body. There are several chakras in our body, according to yoga philosophy. All of those are responsible for different parts of our body, different organs, emotions, and corresponding energies. For example, there is a root chakra, which is responsible for vitality and sexual energy. It covers lower body parts, including reproductive organs. This chakra is represented by the red color. Another chakra, called atheheart chakra, is responsible for the heart, feelings of love, forgiveness, sympathy, compassion, and so on. This part is associated with green color.

Yoga Bracelet

Overall, there are seven different chakras, and seven different colors attributed to them:

  • Red;
  • Orange;
  • Yellow;
  • Green;
  • Blue;
  • Indigo;

But how is a yoga string of beads connected with these chakras and colors? A yoga bracelet usually includes seven gemstones of different shades, representing those seven chakras specifically. Today, there are different variations of a standard yoga string of beads. Very often you can see a combination of colorful gemstones and lava stones. Those lava stones are added specifically for essential oils. You sprinkle them with the essential oils and inhale the aroma while wearing a bracelet all day long.

How to Use a Yoga Bracelet

So, how to use essential oils with your yoga string of beads? First of all, choose the essential oil to your taste. There are multiple yoga-related brands of essential oils on the market today. Just google and pick whatever you want. Then, take a bracelet and pinch it between the fingers. Put one drop of the essential oil on two different beads of the string of beads. Don’t put on the bracelet on your hand right away. You have to wait until the oils are fully absorbed. For this purpose, you can hang the string of beads on the cabinet handle, or somewhere else around the house. Wait between 15-20 minutes and get a bracelet on your wrist. That’s all. Simple and fast.

Usually, yoga bracelets are made of very qualitative materials, so they are very durable. We recommend picking something by a yoga-oriented brand particularly. But genuine gemstones can be a little bit pricey, so keep it in mind.


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