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My Daughter Can Be A Stripper If She Wants To – Timaya

ceddaedbcebeaffTimaya in his usual free-spirited manner says he can allow his daughter to become a stripper if that’s what she wants.

He made this known while granting a recent interview.

“If today she tells me, daddy, I want to be a stripper, that’s her life. I brought her into this world. I just need to make her understand what is good and bad, what is right and wrong. Sometimes what you think is wrong for the child can be good for the child.

“Imagine, my father wanted me to be a banker, how? That’s not what I wanted to be. I followed my dream. Just imagine if my parents had stopped me. This music that they never wanted me to do is what is taking the whole family somewhere, so, I think I should allow my daughter express herself,” he said.

Timaya’s latest statement about not getting married anytime soon makes us doubt the gist that he had reportedly proposed to his girlfriend.


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