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My New Book Is The Key To Getting To Know Me Better – Chika Ike

chika ikeChika Ike is now so much more than an actress and entrepreneur.

The newly turned celebrity author recently released her own book titled, “Boss Up” and according to her, it just might be the key to getting to know her better.

Admittedly, a very private person, Ike confirmed that she opened far more about herself in her book, and we have highlighted some things that are bound to keep you interested in “Boss Up”. Boss Up reveals Chika Dibia, which happens to be Chika Ike’s real name.

According to her, the name which means “God is greater than any Babalawo” was given to her based on the circumstances surrounding her birth. The book also reveals the hidden fact of how Chika Ike was rejected at birth by her father as well as the strained relationship they have maintained since then. Boss Up finally addresses the truth behind Ike’s divorce and her ex-husband. Ike talks about her journey to and through Harvard Business School.

With the little we have known of Ike over the years, Boss Up is bound to be enlightening to fans and supporters alike.


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