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Seun Will Consider Idris Ibrahim’s Jailtime A Badge Of Honour – Eedris Abdulkareem

Inspector General of Police (IGP), Idris K. IbrahimEedris Abdulkareem has slammed the Inspector General of Police, Idris Ibrahim over the continuous detaining of journalist, Samuel Ogundipe.

“A Journalist would rather be tortured, jailed or in the extreme, killed rather than disclose his source.

To the Journalist, it is sacrosanct, it is cardinal, it is the peak of his ethical responsibility to never disclose his source. Many have gone to jail and it is considered a badge of honour in the profession. Mr IGP, the young man, Samuel Ogundipe will give you hundreds of sleepless nights and super high blood pressure if you are waiting for him to expose his source.

“He would rather go to jail and when out, will be held in honour, promoted, sponsored by international organisations, remembered and used as reference by students of journalism and journalists world over. Mr IGP sir, what will you be remembered for beyond your transmission gaffe, will you even still be in the police force after this dispensation? What will you be remembered for? Putting a Journalist in jail? Disobeying the president? Oppression and suppression of truth? It sure doesn’t end here, Sir. Conscience is an open wound, Sir,” he wrote.

Reports have it that Segun Ogundipe has however been released. Eedris Abdulkareem is a known vocal rapper who is never shy to call out both celebrities and the people at the corridors of power.


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