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Using Videos to Increase Your Online Traffic

VC Tech - Using Videos to Increase Your Online TrafficAll online businesses are primarily concerned with one thing; getting more customers. Whatever strategies they come up with are designed to constantly increase their number of customers while also ensuring that they retain their present ones. The strategies and tactics employed by online businesses have varied a great deal over the years.

It was one of these strategies that caused them to convert WebM to MP4 on almost all video related content on their sites. Video has always been the ultimate converter for online businesses as it intrigues the audiences more and is more likely to retain their attention for a prolonged period of time.

There’s an elaborate science behind this. Brands rely heavily on all tactics that would give them an edge over their competitors, deliver their desired results and set them apart in a very saturated market.

Here’s how using video on your online platforms can help you gain and retain your customers.

A Better Impression

It’s common knowledge that a graphical representation is more likely to leave a positive and more importantly, a lasting impression on your desired audience than any text would. The reason is because our minds are naturally attuned to react positively and more actively to images that boost our instructiveness.

Currently, videos offer brands the best possible tool for presenting whatever proposition, product or service they have to offer to their customers and get them interested. There’s scientific data that proves that any brand is more likely to gain a customer’s trust and interest if they present their offer in a visually appealing way.

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A similar report also suggests that of all the offers that customers receive online from different brands, they’re more likely to react positively to brands that leave a positive first impression through their video content.

Customized Content

It is true that when it comes to customized content, video isn’t your only option. But make no mistake; it is by far the most effective as well as the most promising one. Again, In order to get great results, a business’ video content is supposed to leave a positive impression on customers and make them feel as if your business really cares about them.

You’re more likely to achieve those results if you have the content that demonstrates the business’ proposition convincingly and memorably. Videos allow you to present your message through creative out-of-the-box executions and to different audiences in different ways depending on their likes and dislikes.

It also allows you to tailor your content according to whatever seasonal occasion that might be approaching. Again, it allows you to add sentimental values like trust, integrity and care; something that brand want to impress upon its customers to influence their purchase behavior.

Short & Interesting

No customer is going to give you their time if they don’t feel interested. That’s why the old-fashioned textual ads do not work as effectively online. On the other hand, video allows you to present your proposition in a short albeit interesting manner that is almost always guaranteed to keep the customer interested.


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