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Cardi B Is Ghetto – Rihanna

Rihanna DecAfter months of feuding with fellow fashion queen Nicki Minaj, Cardi B might have new beef brewing.

Sharp-eyed fans are pointing out that the style Cardi sports on the cover art of her new single, “Money,” was dissed big-time by another hip-hop/pop diva: Rihanna.

It turns out the notorious shoe-throwing rapper’s elbow-length gloves — constructed from rows of gold-and-diamond-crusted timepieces — were ridiculed by Rihanna in a British Vogue feature back in August.

When asked to consider designer Christian Cowan’s over-the-top gloves, Rihanna told the fashion bible’s stylist: “I can’t . . . This is the most ghetto s - - t I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Sure, the nine-time Grammy winner made the comments over the summer — and wasn’t directly referencing the new queen B — but nothing gets past Cardi and RiRi’s rabid online devotees.

After Cardi’s new track leaked Tuesday, bootleg outtakes from Vogue’s video feature racked up more than a million videos on Twitter, sparking heated battles between both fandoms.

Never one to hold her sharp tongue when she perceives a shady slight, Cardi might just feel some kind of way about this — especially since the Twitterverse is calling it out.

Who knows? Maybe the outspoken new superstar actually chose the golden gloves as a subversive clap back to their public critique from the “Bad Girl” of the music industry.

After all, Cardi never shies away from flexing her Queens street cred.

Either way, cue that juicy dis track!


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