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Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Her Curves

jloJennifer Lopez exposed her infamous curves in a photo shoot that shows her posing half-naked in a metallic green Valentino Haute Couture that is fit for a queen.

Age had nothing on the actress who is approaching 50 but still has so much elegance and has stayed woke.

Her awareness covers having the knowledge to stay fit and gorgeous at 49.

Reports confirm that three things have been responsible for her nice appearance — “no caffeine, no alcohol and lots of sleep.”

She was featured on InStyle Magazine and talks about what a person’s attractive features mean in her family.

“In my family, curves were glorified and part of the culture. It was just like, ‘Jennifer has a big butt, and it’s good.”

For the actress, it is quite nicer being a celebrity in the era of smart phones as opposed to the period preceding this. She is happy to enjoy the liberty of sharing more about herself.

“It was actually worse then.

“It was just crazy. Now at least I can show you who I am a little bit. Back then you just believed anything you read on the cover of a tabloid. Many times it wasn’t true, or it was like a third of the truth,” Lopez tells the magazine.

Both actors have acted in a movie ‘In our Trap’.


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