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Rihanna Supports Fan Battling Cancer


Rihanna is sending some love and support to a very special fan.

On Thursday, a fan in Germany named Monia shared a photo of herself following a recent surgery to help combat cancer. She playfully compared herself to the main character in the book and film The Fault in Our Stars. She also jokingly calls her oxygen tank a “new fashion statement.”

The 30-year-old songstress apparently saw the post and was so moved, she decided to comment on the photo, which Monia posted.

“Sis we are all praying for you!” the “Work” singer wrote. “Your strength and your ability to let the beauty in your spirit shine through, even in the midst of adversity, is tremendously inspiring!!”

“Thank you for continuing to share your journey with us!” she added. “I imagine it’s quite a lonely one, hours on end in hospital walls, being scared to even fall asleep because you’re afraid u won’t wake up, feeling like nobody will ever understand that, the physical agony, the medication and all their side effects…I can’t begin to imagine what you feel, so I want you to know we are all here for you and I encourage the NAVY to rally around you during these times!”

Monia captioned the message with her own response to the thoughtful gesture from the pop star.

“I haven’t posted in a while because there was so much going on.. so much pain, so [much] bad news,” she wrote. “And right in the worst time, she’s there for me. This made my day. Thank you Robyn, for being so real and supportive.”

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“And thanks to everyone else who is supportive in any way, every comment, every DM, every prayer – I appreciate it so much,” she added. “Tomorrow morning is my next MRT scan, because my left eye is hurting a lot and they gotta make sure I don’t have a new tumor in my brain or something. I’ll keep you updated.”


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