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My Hips And Bum Are God’s Gift – Anita Joseph

Loaded Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has cursed a friend of hers who requested that she reduced the size of her hips and bum.

Anita used Instagram to share an eye-popping photo of herself and also dish out curses in her native language to the unnamed individual who made such request.

Her words, “So some one said to me Today”
Please Anita you need to reduce ur hips and bum 🙄🙄🙄
Excuse me reduce this hips and bum ?
This body that people pay millions to have now?
And God gave me for free you say i shuld wat ???waka shege gi dere wicked evil persn are you maaad
Ezigbo kitikpa na Enwe ‘ro nne na Nna gba gi dere
#curvynita#naturalbody#Gods gift#

All we can say is, we love her curves just the way it is.


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