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West Ham Did Not Make Liverpool Afraid – Klopp

zkloppagaJurgen Klopp has refuted Mark Noble’s statement that West Ham “scared” Liverpool on Monday.

The West Ham captain said his team’s aggressive approach had shocked Liverpool but Klopp did not agree.

His words, “I like that really. I would wish for all West Ham fans that Mark Noble and his team would scare more teams and not only us,” Klopp told a news conference.

“I don’t know him really well, so I don’t know why he speaks about us after a game like that.

“They defended well, that’s true. They didn’t scare us. It’s a normal away game. We won away games when we played worse and nobody spoke about it. Last year, we won at Crystal Palace 2-1 with two offensive situations pretty much. We had more [against West Ham].

“They have quality – no doubt about that. Why they don’t have more often results? I don’t know.

“But they had a result, 1-1, but I didn’t see that they scared us.”

“We defended fantastically well and probably deserved to win tonight. You can’t play man to man against Liverpool and out-pass them. You have to keep your shape and stop them.

“We scared them. You have to do that against the top teams. I’m just gutted we didn’t come away with the three points.

“We’re gutted in there because the goal was clearly offside. We scored a fantastic set-play and didn’t manage to get a second goal.”


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