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Buhari’s Government Lack Direction – Financial Times

President Muhammadu BuhariThe Financial Times of London has come out to say President Muhammadu Buhari has been in charge of a government that has showed no direction since 2015.

The newspaper company then urged Buhari to ensure he uses his tenure till 2022 to correct things for the citizens of this country.

A recent editorial read, “With his renewed mandate, it is now Mr Buhari’s task to rebuild faith by running a dynamic and successful administration and by building the institutions that can lay firmer foundations than in his previous term.”

“The omens from his first four years in office are not good. During that time, the former military leader ran a lacklustre administration with no obvious sense of direction. There was no coherent economic strategy of the sort being attempted by the likes of Ethiopia, Rwanda or West African neighbours Ghana and Senegal to produce the rapid growth needed to haul tens of millions of people out of poverty. It is an indictment of its leadership — both military and democratic — that the continent’s biggest oil producer should have more people living in absolute poverty than any other country in the world.”


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