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Arsenal Will Always Be In My DNA – Coquelin

Former Arsenal player, Francis Coquelin has come out to speak about his ex club, highlighting the good times and the bad during his time at the London football team.

He eventually exited Arsenal FC and joined Valencia after 9 years at the club.

His words, “Arsenal is always going to be in my DNA,”

“I can’t deny it. It wasn’t just the football or the players, it was where I grew as a person and where I became a man. It will always be a big part of me and I’ll never forget it.”

“I had great moments at Arsenal, and every decision is difficult, but I had no regrets. Maybe I would if I hadn’t had the chances to play, but I got to show what I can do. I had the opportunity to join another massive club and it was the right time to leave my comfort zone. I never doubted my qualities and I think I’ve been able to show that here.”

“In England, one day you can be up and the next you can be really low. When you play football that can always happen and you have to be prepared for it. You play one great game and you’re up here,”

On the 8 – 2 defeat to Machester United, Coq said, “It was a rough season for the boss, but we were always fighting for him,”

”The atmosphere was strange because half of the fans wanted him to go, the others wanted him to stay, but I can understand because they want results. It was difficult for him and I would have wanted him to have a better exit.”

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“I’ll never forget what he gave me,”

“He was massive for me those nine years and I will only ever speak highly of him. He brought me to England when I was 17. He gave me my first chance. I hope now he has retired from Arsenal everyone will remember what he’s done for the club.”


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