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What is Premises Liability? Common Accidents That Lead to Lawsuits

Common Accidents That Lead to LawsuitsA property owner has a legal obligation to keep their property safe and secure for invited guests. Commercial property owners must be especially diligent to ensure injuries do not occur. Unfortunately, property owner negligence leads to many injuries that result in lawsuits. A property owner can be held liable by the victim and forced to pay the measurable damages that were suffered as a result of the accident.

Laws Regarding Property Owners

Laws have been put in place for property owners and they must adhere to these laws so their property is safe. A property owner owes the highest level of protection to invitees which include customers, job applicants, and invited visitors.

The property owner is required by law to provide a property that is reasonably safe for visitors. A premise liability case is likely to arise when an accident occurs and the property owner has not taken the proper measures to secure their property and make it safe.

Common Accidents Related to Premises Liability

There are many different accidents that can occur as a result of property owner negligence. The following are some of the most common types of accidents that lead to lawsuits.

  1. Slip and falls – Wet flooring, loose carpeting, and faulty stairs can all play a role in slip and fall accidents. If the visitor was not properly warned of an obstacle, they could hold the property owner liable. Falls lead to around 8-million emergency room visits each year.
  1. Uneven terrain, walkways, or flooring can lead to foot and ankle injuries. Potholes and uneven ground are dangerous and can lead to serious injuries. Property owners need to be aware of their responsibilities as a property owner, to inspect their property and mitigate any hazards.
  1. A lack of security can also lead to injuries. Many property owners have been held liable because of having no security on their premises. A lack of security could lead to visitors being assaulted or robbed. Property owners must ensure they have security measures in place to prevent these types of attacks on visitors.

What Should Injured Victims Do?

Those who have suffered serious injuries that are directly due to a property owner’s negligence should consider seeking legal advice as soon as possible. The property owner’s insurance policy should cover any damages, but the process of seeking a claim is not always cut and dried.

Having a lawyer take a look at the case and offer guidance gives injured victims peace of mind and direction. Even if the victim does not foresee any problems with their case, it is wise for them to at least consult with a lawyer for advice.


If you are a property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your property is safe for all invitees. Negligence in this area of property ownership will likely lead to injuries that could make you liable. If you own a commercial property, you have an even greater responsibility to your customers and employees.

Proper inspections and mitigation steps will keep a property safe for visitors and will help to protect the best interests of the property owner so they do not run into premises liability issues that result in a lawsuit. When in doubt, property owners should always take extra precautions in keeping their property safe.


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