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I Am Living The Dream With Tottenham – Pochettino

Tottenham boss, Mauricio Pochettino has spoken up about what will happen next if Tottenham wins the Uefa Champions League.

He was recently asked if he felt winning the UCL would’ve been a possibility in 2014, he revealed that, “Winning the Champions League? It should be fantastic, no? Close the five-year chapter and go home.”

“It’s not a joke, why? To win the Champions League with Tottenham in these circumstances this season, maybe I need to think about maybe doing something different in the future. Because to repeat this miracle, you know…”

“For us it’s a bonus, for myself it’s a bonus,” he said. “Of course now we are there, we want to try to win, we want to win and be in the final.

“I’m not thinking about if we are creating history or doing something special.

“The most important is to try and enjoy, to try and bring to the players that belief, as we have done to get here but we must also dream.

“But I am enjoying it, I’m living a dream because with Tottenham, where we came from five years ago, with the project, the circumstances, I think no one believed, no one expected in the last three years, to play Champions League three years in a row every season and to be competing every single season and be competing at this stage.”

On if Spurs can overturn a 1 – 0 deficit against Ajax, Hugo Lloris said, “We want to believe in our chance,” he said. “We don’t need to think about the next game, only the game tomorrow.

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“We want to think about tomorrow, give our best, finish the game on our knees, give the maximum and have no regrets and see what happens.

“It’s important to keep the belief because everything is possible. We are still alive in this competition.”


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