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I Am Not A Robot – Ronaldo

Former Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed that he is no Robot even if his some fans expect the very best from him all the time.

At age 34, the Juventus player has faced mixed reactions for his performance in Italy thus far.

Asked recently about how he has been able to manage expectations and criticisms, he told La Repubblica, “I don’t think people believe I’m a robot, but they see me as someone who can never have a problem, can never be sad, never have worries. People identify success, being carefree, with money: ‘How can he be sad or have a crisis if he is a millionaire?’

“You must understand that not everybody is the same, they still experience certain things. But I understand it. I know that people stand with their rifles waiting for me to miss a penalty or to fail in a decisive game. But it is part of life and I must be prepared to accept that. And I have been prepared for many years.”

“I do not deny that sometimes it bothers me and I get tired because it seems that every year I must prove myself to be very strong. It is difficult.

“You also have to take into account the additional pressure of having to prove something to others, not just yourself. And to the people around you. To your family, to your mother, to your child. ‘Cris, tomorrow you must win’. You have to train continuously, but there comes a moment when you say: ‘Listen, leave me alone’.”

“I see football as a mission: to take to the field, win, improve,”

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“Those times when I would be playing and think, now I will do a dribble, I don’t have them anymore. There is an additional pressure. People constantly judge you: ‘It’s over now. He is 33, 34, 35 years old, he should stop’. You want to leave them stunned and prove ‘it’s still me’.”

“I don’t know when I got used to it, but it’s true that I felt the pressure from a very young age,”

“When I went to Madrid, I was the most expensive player in history; in Manchester, after winning my first Golden Ball at 23 years of age, people thought, ‘He has reached his maximum’. In the last 10-12 years I have always had this additional pressure that you not only put on yourself, but that everyone else puts on you.”


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