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I Don’t Want To Think About Cheslea Right Now – Lampard

zlampardbqbDerby County boss, Frank Lampard has said his main focus is one his current club, amid links to Chelsea if Sarri gets sacked.

Lampard said he is currently concentrating on ensuring Derby makes it to the EPL but he is not ruling out a return to Stamford Bridge in future.

Derby is set to battle Aston Villa in the playoff final for a spot in the Premier League.

His words, “When I started out in management, people said; ‘Your dream must be to be Chelsea manager.’ It’s an easy link,” Lampard said ahead of the playoff final.

“My dream was to do as well as I can day in and day out to be successful. I can’t call that one. Those things happen or they don’t or whatever. My focus is completely on the here and now.

“I find it quite difficult because (Chelsea) have got a game coming up. More importantly for me we’ve got a game coming up before that.

“And also, they have a manager in Sarri, who is trying to get them to win that final. It’s been a bit of an obvious link all season.

“Maybe because of where we’re at in the final, and we’re being talked about, and we’ve had a good year, and then I get linked because of my 13 years at the club, I understand the link.

“But in terms of how I’m seeing it, I don’t want to think about it, I don’t want to talk about it, I want to talk about Monday, I want to work with the team.

“I want to get this over the line for us. We’ve got a really difficult game, so it is what it is. That’s my standpoint on it and my focus is on us on Monday.

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“I’ll say straight away to the Derby fans, my focus all year has been how well I can do in this job, because this club gave me an opportunity.

“And I want to finish that this season as well as I can. So that’s why my focus is so much on this game, and I’m thankful for that opportunity.

“I’ve got two years left on my contract here and I see no further than Monday. I will sit down with (owner) Mel (Morris) after the game, which was planned before all this talk anyway, to see firstly what the result was on Monday, because that’s going to be defining how we chat and to see where the club goes forward.

“It’s as simple as that.”


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