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Mourinho Was Right About Manchester United – Gary Neville

Jose MourinhoJose Mourinho might’ve been right to say his biggest ever achievement as coach was finishing 2nd with Manchester United last season, according to Gary Neville.

United finished 19 points behind rivals Manchester City last season but Mourinho saw it was his biggest success of his career despite winning the Premier League three times and the Champions League twice.

The ex Chelsea boss was blasted for his comments but one year later, United are about to end with at least 12 points less and will feature in the Europa League next season.

Neville said, “They’ve finished sixth quite regularly this team. This idea that this team is better than it suggests – it’s not.

“It’s a really average team for what Manchester United needs to be. As a group of players I don’t like them.

“Jose Mourinho at the time told us that it was his greatest ever achievement finishing second with that team.

“We all laughed, we all thought, ‘It’s Jose just playing.’ Maybe he was right, maybe it was a great achievement!

“Maybe actually that wasn’t an incredible thing that happened. You grow to like teams and you grow not to like teams.

“I’ve never not liked a Manchester United team, I’ve always thought the team can win, the team can lose, the team can draw but I really struggle with this team to watch them.

“What pains me more, the two clubs that I dislike the most [Manchester City and Liverpool], I see everything right.

“I see a spirit, a hunger, a resilience, a toughness, going to the end.

“Forget the quality, the quality is there as well but actually the foundations are there.”


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