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The EPL Should Not Start So Early – Klopp

zkloppagaLiverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp has asked for a change to the Premier League calendar as a tired Liverpool ready themselves for competitive action.

Liverpool are set to battle Manchester City in the Community Shield tomorrow, less than 2 months after their win against Spurs in the Champions League final.

Sadio Mane has been granted permission to miss the game after starring for Senegal at the Africa Cup of Nations as recently as July 19.

Klopp has however said PL players have become untenable, especially in view of the later start dates for top-flight leagues in Italy, Spain and Germany.

His words, “This discussion, somebody has to start it,”

“I spoke with Carlo Ancelotti – Italy has 20 teams as well and starts the season on August 24. [Kalidou] Koulibaly played together with Sadio at the Africa Cup of Nations and has four weeks [of] holiday. He’s not even close to coming back.

“I don’t know why we start so early. Next year it’s Copa [America] and the Euros and we start, I think, the same week. I don’t know why.

“The Premier League is such a wonderful product that everybody will watch it anyway.

“We don’t need these two weeks where nobody is playing in the whole world, only England.

“I love football, I want to play, from my point of view we can play each week, I love it, but somebody has to think of the players and obviously nobody is doing it.

“From time to time I start the discussion, and then it’s like ‘oh, he’s looking for excuses’ but we have to think about these things and nobody, especially in England, is really thinking about it.”


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