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My Goal Celebration Has Something To Do With My Daughter – Lewandowski

LewaFans of the German league are now used to seeing Robert Lewandowski’s signature goal celebration after several years but the Bayern striker is still yet to fully disclose its full meaning.

He is about to score his 200th goal for Bayern Munich and even if there is a particular similarity with his celebration and that of ex Dortmund forward, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s Black Panther-inspired one, Lewa has opened up on his own actually means.

He said, “The celebration has something to do with my daughter,”

“I don’t want to go into details, it’s a little secret!

“I want to show that my family are always behind me, as that has helped me a lot in my career as a footballer.”

“There’s so much euphoria [when you score] that you just don’t think,”

“It just happens. Sometimes I think afterwards, ‘what did I do?’ You just do whatever your heart or head tells you to do, which is what happens to me on the pitch.

“That moment when you score a goal and 80,000 fans cheer your name is a really special feeling. You get goosebumps and just want to fly. But I also know that you need to come back to reality after just a few seconds – you can’t let the euphoria show.

“It’s hard to explain what you experience in that moment. I wish everyone could enjoy that feeling at least once in their life.”

On how things were when he first came to Germany, “The first six months, I have to be honest, were really difficult for me,”

“I couldn’t speak a word of German. I could only say ‘thank you’ and ‘s**t’! It wasn’t easy to learn a new culture and language. I knew that I needed to power through and then I could focus on football.

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“It was a special feeling when I first put the [Bayern] shirt on. It was the first time I could really feel the weight of a huge club on the shirt I was wearing. I was really proud. I knew that I could develop here and that I wanted to come here and stay.”


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