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Balotelli Does Not Deserve Any Racist Abuse – Jorginho

Chelsea midfielder, Jorginho has urged the Serie A to look into the issue of racism beyond merely penalizing Hellas Verona after the recent abuse directed at Mario Balotelli.

Their manager, Ivan Juric insisted that there was no racist chanting, but the league has punished the club by giving them a one-match partial stadium ban.

However, Jorginho believes the Serie A has to take a wider look at the problem.

His words, “I am really sorry, because these things shouldn’t happen – neither in football nor in the world,”

“Unfortunately, they happen and I am really sorry. I’d like to send my affection to Mario, who doesn’t deserve this.

“And if I may, I’d like to ask not to do things like this, because it really hurts these people and it should never happen.

“Unfortunately, it happened, but I don’t think this happened only in Verona. It’s happening everywhere.

“Therefore, I think we shouldn’t penalise or point the finger only on Verona, we should take a broader look, because it didn’t happen only in Verona.

“Yes, they made a mistake and it is true that it’s not the first time, but how many times [has] it happened in other cities as well? It shouldn’t happen, I repeat, and I am really sorry, but we have to take a broader look to all the cities where it happened and not only to Verona.”


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