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I Have A Long Way To Go To Reach Ronaldo’s Heights – Rashford

RashfordManchester United forward, Marcus Rashford has reacted to comments by his manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer comparing him to Juventus striker, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ole simply said comparisons between both players are natural and Rashford has the potential to be a very top player.

Reacting to his manager’s words, Marcus appreciated the compliments but added that he has a long way to go to reach the height of the Manchester United and Real Madrid legend.

His words, “The Ronaldo [comparison] was nice, definitely a compliment,”

“But I understand how far I’ve got left to go to reach the heights he reached so I am very clear-minded and focused on myself.”

On youngsters at the club, “It is a bit overwhelming, but it is the process of development. The players I looked up to are obviously older now. The younger players look up to us. The transition happens so fast. When I understood that, my perception of that picture changed a little bit.

“When I was younger and saw people such as Beckham and Scholes on the walls, it gave me that determination every time you went to training. I wanted to reach those heights. I knew they were on the other side of the building, training every day and working hard. I was so far away from them but so close at the same time.

“It’s happening now where people like me and Scotty [McTominay] are an example to some of the academy lads who are coming in. It will be the same in a few years’ time, when it’s the next lot of kids. While that happens, I don’t see United’s breeding of players slowing down.”


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