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Liverpool Is Always Ready To Take Advantage Of The Transfer Market – Klopp

Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp has said his club is always prepared to jump into the transfer market, even if the January window is very hard to navigate.

As his team top the league, Klopp did not rule it out completely but admitted that it is a difficult window to do business in.

According to him, if there is an available player that can help the team, he’ll sign, if not, he is happy with the players he has.

His words, “I’m not here to speak about the Man City transfer window. This is the first time I heard that.

“Am I surprised? No. It’s not important.

“For us it is always the same; we don’t speak about it. We are pretty much always ready to try and do something if it helps us, and if not then we won’t.

“January window is maybe more difficult than the other window? I don’t know. I think the summer window is really difficult because of the different moments it closes. The summer window only hurts the English clubs, it doesn’t help them. We will see.”

On if football managers get enough time to do their thing at their respective clubs, “Me personally, yes. In general, I don’t know.

“I can only speak about my situation, and I never felt in doubt. In general, if you are in the job like mine then there is pressure there; you have to deliver, and if it doesn’t work out they have to try something else.

“The most important thing before you sign a manager is that the people who sign the manager look for the right things.

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“There are a lot of really good managers out there but it needs to fit to the club and the ambitions. If it does, then everybody can be happy at the end.

“But in general the pressure comes too quick and the decisions are made too quick, because people are not patient enough. But I was not in that situation so far, thank God.”


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