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Inter Milan Fans Start Cheering You Before The Game Starts – Eriksen

Christian EriksenTottenham midfielder, Christian Eriksen has come out to say that he was overwhelmed by the passion of the fans inside San Siro during Sunday’s Milan derby.

The former Spurs player said such an atmosphere during a game has never been experienced by him in the EPL.

According to the man from Denmark, in Italy, the fans begin to cheer you from the moment you get down from the bus for the game.

He added that his shot that hit the crossbar was not a nightmare moment, but a satisfying one for him.

His words, “It was a great experience,”

“The first half was sad, but winning like that with a comeback was very, very special. Now I can leave the stadium with a huge smile on my face.

“The fans had prepared this huge choreography that took up the entire end of the stadium. You don’t get that atmosphere in the Premier League, partly because they’re not allowed to.

“Here, you really feel the fans pushing you on from the moment you arrive in the team bus. They are slapping their hands on the side of the vehicle, you feel their passion and understand how important this match is.”

“At the start, I had thought of doing one of the free-kick routines we had studied, putting it into the crowd,”

“But then I saw Milan were defending very deep and we wouldn’t have much of a chance.

“I looked at Marcelo Brozovic, who told me to go for it, so I did. I really hit it well, but not well enough, seeing as it didn’t go in. Considering the way the game ended, that crossbar is not a nightmare moment, but a satisfying one.

“If it had gone in, that would’ve been sheer ecstasy, the cherry on a super cake.”

“I really feel that many fans are happy I am here. That fires me up, it motivates me, it pushes me in the right direction and helps me to settle in.

“So far, everything has gone really well.”


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