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Klopp Has A Never Say Die Mindset – Senol Gunes

Jurgen KloppLiverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp has a never say die mindset and he is very impressed with how he reacted to last season’s narrow Premier League title defeat, Turkey coach, Senol Gunes has said.

Senol believes Jurgen has a warrior spirit and his relentless mindset is the reason Liverpool are currently challenging for trophies across several fronts.

According to him, both Pep and Klopp are technically sound but the ex BvB coach has shown that he never gives up as well.

He added that Liverpool is reaping the reward of having a harmonious club.

His words, “They are both technically and tactically on a high level. Manchester City finished with 98 points last season. Liverpool added two players to the squad and Klopp used them.

“When manager, management and squad superiority match up, good things happen. If a team loses the championship race at the earliest point [in history], a year after they became champions, there may be problems.

“Football is not like 2+2=4. One team lost but didn’t quit and kept moving. If that team stopped going when they lost, today they wouldn’t get the chance of becoming champions. It’s a good and beautiful lesson.

“Klopp already comes from the German school of ethics. His work and discipline is very clear. He knows his limits and strength. He doesn’t use it in a megalomaniac way. There’s no surrender in his mindset, he’s got the warrior spirit.

“I think the management, coach and players work in a very harmonious way.”


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