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Real Madrid Cannot Afford To Fall Asleep Now – Carvajal

Dani CarvajalReal Madrid defender, Dani Carvajal wants more clarity on handball decisions after officials failed to award his club a 2nd-half penalty in their 1-0 defeat vs Levante on Saturday.

Dani blasted the inconsistent refereeing in La Liga after the game and urged his team-mates to concentrate as the club’s form continues to dwindle.

According to him, even the refereeing committee has no clue about when it is compulsory to blow for handball so it is no surprise that the players and refs are confused as well.

He added that Real Madrid cannot afford to fall asleep at this stage of the season.

His words, “Not even the refereeing committee know when you have to blow for handball,”

“The referees and the players don’t know either – it’s strange.

“We were three points ahead [of Barcelona] a week ago and now we’re two behind. We can’t fall asleep.”

Zidane added, “Noting worries me as this is football and these things happen,”

“We’ve had very good moments this season and we can’t down tools or let our heads drop because of two results.

“We have to think that we can take this forward with us with strength, excitement and energy. It’s a bad run, but we have to think about next week, when we’re playing for everything.

“We started well, away from home, by creating chances, but we lacked goals and that’s the most important thing in football.

“After those two games, we know that we have to win at home. We’ve going to do everything to get back to the top spot [in La Liga] but we have Wednesday’s game first. We have to try to get back to winning again.”


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