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I Will Not Stay At A Club That Is Not Progressing – Kane

Harry KaneTottenham striker, Harry Kane has come out to say that he is still undecided on his Spurs future and his decision depends on whether the club can progress on the pitch.

Kane believes there is no straight answer to if he sees himself remaining at the club for long even if he loves Spurs so much.

According to him, when he does not feel his club is progressing as a team or heading in the right direction, he is not the type of player to just remain there for the sake of it.

He added that he is an ambitious footballer so he always wants to improve at any club he plays for.

His words, “Obviously I get asked this question a lot,”

“It’s one of those things. I couldn’t say yes and I couldn’t say no.

“I love Spurs, I’ve always loved Spurs, but it’s one of those things.

“I’ve always said it, if I don’t feel we’re progressing as a team or going in the right direction, then I’m not someone to stay there for the sake of it.

“I’m an ambitious player, I want to improve, get better. I want to become one of the top, top players, so it all depends on what happens as a team and how we progress as a team.

“It’s not definite that I’m going to stay here forever but it’s not a no either.”


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