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Completing The EPL This Season Will Be Difficult – Allardyce

SAM ALLARDYCEThe EPL season should be stopped and started afresh in the next season, ex England manager, Sam Allardyce has said.

Sam believes it is very difficult to finish the season with everything that has been happening in the world in recent weeks.

According to him, the situation has been sad for several teams and Liverpool will have to cope with the present reality since lives will always come first.

He added that everyone should remain in their homes to be safe during this scary period.

His words, “I’ve got a big fear that we should stop the season and look to start again next season,”

“I don’t know how you can finish a season with everything that’s going on in terms of the NHS, how strained it is, and everybody needing to stay safe in their own homes.

“I think it’s the way it has escalated into such a difficult period for the whole world and, particularly, for our country, how rapidly this virus is spreading and how many lives it looks like it is going to take, and because the only way we can stop it is by isolating.

“It’ll be very sad for a lot of teams.

“In the Premier League, there’s Liverpool, who have had such a fantastic season but lives matter and nothing takes precedence over that.”

On Brady saying the league should be declared null and void, “Protecting West Ham football club as best she can I would suggest, with my tongue in cheek,”

“It would get rid of all the problems they’ve had this season if it was finished now and restarted next season in terms of fighting against relegation – that’s why she may have suggested it!”


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