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A Barcelona Board Member Is Enriching His Pocket – Emili Rousaud

Lionel MessiEx Barcelona vice-president, Emili Rousaud has come out to make several allegations after resigning from the club.

Emili revealed that he is sure that somebody is using club funds to enrich their own pockets.

According to him, someone from the board is misappropriating club funds, and even if he does not know who exactly, he can defintiely guess right.

He added that the leadership of the club, as it plans for life both during and after the coronavirus crisis should be questioned, because things are not just right with Barcelona.

His statement read, “We hereby want to communicate that the undersigned managers have transferred to President Bartomeu our decision to irrevocably resign from our position as managers of FC Barcelona.

“We have reached this point by not being able to reverse the criteria and forms of management of the club in the face of the important challenges of the future and, especially, from the new post-pandemic scenario. We must also highlight our disenchantment with the unfortunate episode on social networks, known as ‘Barcagate’, which we learned about through the press.”

“Sincerely, I think someone is tampering with the funds. Who was it? I don’t think it was someone from the board. I don’t know who it was, but I can speculate.

“When you pay a million euros for something worth 100,000 euros, that could bring benefit to someone inside or outside the club. I don’t think it’s someone on the board but if there’s a discrepancy then it means someone is benefiting in an illicit way.

“With ‘SocialMediaGate’, we have three problems. The first is understanding whether the social media networks are being used to destroy others’ reputations – I don’t think that is the case.

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“Secondly, is the €3 million paid for those services market price? And third, it’s unquestionable that the payments have been made in stages [to circumvent the board]. The issue is the fragmentation of the invoices. After the audit, we couldn’t look the other way.

“The president’s offer to step down came when the report was about the drop. It’s suspicious. The president knows what he puts in the audit and that’s one of the factors that concerns us.”


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