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EPL Footballers Deserve Their Incredible Wages – Carragher

Jamie CarragherEPL footballers deserve their incredible wages, Jamie Carragher has said.

Carragher, however, believes the players should accept pay cuts to help their clubs amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to him, most football clubs get paid via TV money, the money through the turnstile, and money, which is why it is important for the players to step in for their employees during amid these trying times.

He added that every club is different and they all cannot be expected to react to the deadly virus in the same manner.

His words, “It seems to have come out of this PFA meeting that the players are upset that they would have to lose some of the money and the money would go, in essence, back to the clubs,”

“I don’t agree with that. I think the money should in some ways go back there.

“You’ve got to think, how do players get paid? There are three ways players get paid – it would be through the TV money, the money through the turnstile, and probably advertising money.

“All of those revenue streams have stopped coming into football clubs. The wages players are getting now, some of them are getting £200-300,000 a week.

“Good luck to them, they deserve everything they get.

“But I don’t believe that football clubs and football owners actually make hundreds of millions each season.

“We see that in their accounts. A lot of them break even, a lot of them lose money every year. There’s only Tottenham and Liverpool in the last year or two, because they got the Champions League final.

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“So I don’t think it’s too much to ask that players maybe do defer some wages to a later time, are asked to contribute a little bit to the clubs.”

“There’s no way the Premier League as one are going to come together and everyone is going to agree on it,”

“Every club is different, in a different situation. There is no way owners at the bottom of the division can afford, I don’t think, to just be handing out hundreds of thousands of pounds a week to certain players.

“I’m not saying it has to be 30 per cent but I think every club’s situation is different and they as a club have to get together.

“Forget these conference calls and captains of each clubs [discussing the matter] – that’s never going to work.”


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