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Hearing The Whistle In The UCL Final Vs BvB Was An Amazing Moment – Muller

Thomas MullerBayern Munich forward, Thomas Muller has picked ex Bundesliga veteran, Maik Franz as his toughest ever opponent.

Muller recently revealed that he had a lot of respect for Maik when he was much younger because he was a very feisty footballer.

According to him, his club’s UCL victory was a very intense game because Bayern was under a lot of pressure and losing the game would’ve meant three UCL finals defeats in 4 years.

He added that the feeling the players had when the ref blew the final whistleafter 90 minutes was amazing because it was a long time coming.

His words, “When I was very young I had a lot of respect for Maik Franz,”

“In one of my first seasons he came in for a one-on-one tackle near the halfway line at the Allianz Arena – I thought he was going to crack me. That’s why I jumped up and fell down even though he pulled away.

“In fact, it was a dive, but an unintentional one. Actually, it was a lifesaver.”

On Bayern’s UCL win vs BvB, “It was a very intense game,”

“We were under a lot of pressure with the story from last year. The danger of becoming the big losers was huge at the time. We would have lost three Champions League finals within four years.

“So the best moment was when the referee blew the whistle. We were dead.”


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