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Henry Made CBs Work Harder – Yobo

Joseph YoboSuper Eagles legend, Joseph Yobo has come out to say that ex Arsenal striker, Thierry Henry is one of the toughest opponents he has ever faced in his career.

Yobo recently revealed that he loved playing vs Arsenal even when he was injured because they were one of his favorite teams.

According to him, Henry was known to embarrass his opponents so every defender that came up against him had to be ever ready because it would always be a difficultt task.

He, however, added that even if Henry always made CBs work harder, he had the confidence of his manager to take him on and he actually did his best to repay that confidence in some games.

His words, “I loved playing against Arsenal and they were one of my favourite teams. Even when I was injured, my manager would get me from injury and say ‘Hey Joe, you are the only one who can keep up with Thierry Henry. Get ready

“He had that confidence in me and my encounter with Henry was also enjoyable because he was one of the most difficult players I ever played against.

“He would stretch you and if you are not ready, he would embarrass you – that was how good he was.”

“Basically, you have to be super ready when you are playing against someone like Henry because he had the skills, the techniques, then he had the speed,”

“To play against him and to keep him locked down was always very difficult but I’m glad I did a great job [playing against him].

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“He makes you work harder. From the start of the week, I start putting in work on how to play against him. I have played against him a couple of times, so I know what he can do.

“You have to be mentally ready and physically ready for him – if you miss any of those two, then you are in for a horrible day because he can score a hat-trick against you and still embarrass you as a player.”


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