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Mbappe Can No Longer Be Worth €200m – Daniel Cohn-Bendit

Kylian MbappeDaniel Cohn-Bendit, a politician has come out to say that football has been transformed by the coronavirus pandemic and players like Kylian Mbappe are currently worth a fraction of their former asking prices.

Daniel believes the crisis will clean up the irrationality of professional sport and all exorbitant prices will be a thing of the past once the pandemic is over.

According to him, Mbappe was rumored to cost about €200m before but that will longer be the case and the Frenchman will see his value drop to around €35-40m.

He added that he sees the outbreak affecting the work of managers who do business on behalf of the footballers.

His words, “This crisis will clean up the irrationality of professional sport. It’s like there was a nuclear attack and it had to be rebuilt, but on other grounds,”

“Tomorrow, Mbappe will cost at most €35-40m and no longer €200m. And who can buy him?

“There will be de facto regulation. Going even further on a salary cap could be necessary. It is a reorganisation that goes not only through the players’ salaries, but also through the right to images and publicity. We have to break the system of managers, of those who do business.”

“A little more sobriety is enough for me,”

“A little more sobriety and a little more equality would be a good start. Footballers will not play worse if they are paid less.”

“Whenever there is a referendum on the Olympic Games, people always say no,”

“Today, people watch the Olympics but don’t want that at home.

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“It is necessary to rethink the gigantism of the Olympic Games and to return to more simplicity.

“How? I don’t know. It depends on us, the fans.”


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