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My Management Style Is Similar To That Of Pep Guardiola – Xavi

Xavi HernandezManchester City manager, Pep Guardiola is obsessed with football and was always going to be successful at his current club, Xavi has said.

Xavi recently revealed that Pep’s first year was tough for him because he was still adapting to the different style and standards in a new league at the time.

According to him, when it comes to Pep and success in any club he coaches, it is only a matter of time because it will eventually happen.

Xavi added that his coaching style is quite similar to Guardiola since he also loves to be dominant on the pitch, hold the ball, have strong possession and instigate lots of attacking movements.

His words, “With Guardiola as manager, I had no doubt [City would dominate].

“Admittedly, the first year was tough for him because you always have to adapt to the different style and standards, even a different culture or background.

“However, there was no question that Guardiola was going to be successful. I have said this many times before, and in many interviews: all he needed was time.”

On hi coaching ambition, “My concept is very similar,”

“Guardiola also wants to be dominant, he wants to have the ball, strong possession, lots of attacking movements. It’s ultimately about being proactive within the game.

“It’s about skilfully attacking the opponent in a certain way. In this sense it is not my idea.

“I’ve learned a lot with Guardiola, from the way he is, the ambition he has, the desire and passion that he feels. He’s a football-obsessed tactician and it has been a pleasure to be around him.

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“We talk often. We’ve got a good relationship. We met up in the summer and grabbed a bite to eat, which was really nice.

“To be honest, I consider him the best coach in the world right now. So any knowledge he can impart to me will be more than welcome. It’s a privilege to have him around contributing ideas.”


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