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Football Can Still Be Safe Amid The Pandemic – Maguire

Harry MaguireManchester United captain, Harry Maguire has come out to say that he feels completely safe as EPL giants return to training amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Maguire recently revealed that it has been a strange few months but as long as clubs follow the strict protocols on ground, football can still be a safe sport to play during the outbreak.

According to him, players have done well to respect the guidelines thus far and there will be no problems if it stays that way.

He added that the safety measures in training have been well organised and footballers have been able to put in the physical work to be fit for the restart.

His words, “It’s been a strange few months, but it has been a protocol which the club has followed. It seems such a safe environment.

“It’s our first day back today, but it seems so safe and everyone is respecting it so well, so long may that continue and I’m sure no one will have any problems.

“There is a lot less people at the training ground when we go in.

“Today [Wednesday] I was in a group of four, working with one coach, so not many people. You’ve got a lot space, big areas, not going really close to anyone, but the main thing is getting the work in and it was a tough session, [then] go home and now I’m relaxed and it’s all in the bank and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

“The safety, it seems really well organised. We all got tested before we came in, so everyone in the changing room has a negative test.

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“Every morning we get our temperature taken before we get to the training ground, so obviously they’re checking the temperature. We all have an app where we fill in to see if we’ve had any symptoms throughout the day. It’s such a safe environment and it’s an environment which is there to be built on. At the moment we’re all just taking it phase by phase, step by step, and that’s the only thing we can do at the moment.

“I think it’s just taking it day by day. Like I said, the main thing is getting the physical work into our legs and it helps you mentally as well: being at the training ground and seeing familiar faces.”


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