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Mufc Fans Won’t Like It If Sancho Doesn’t Sign – Ince

Jadon SanchoBorussia Dortmund forward, Jadon Sancho is worth breaking the bank for, Paul Ince has said.

Paul recently revealed that even if Ed Woodward said Mufc would alter its spending approach amid the pandemic, the club can make exceptions for a talented footballer like Sancho.

According to him, Jadon is still very young but he is established already so it would be stupid for Mufc to not do everything possible to get his signature.

He added that Mufc fans would be very disappointed if the club does not fight for the English international.

His words, “Ed Woodward was totally right when he said that, at Manchester United, there’ll be a ‘new normal’ in terms of spending because of the current situation.

“Where we’ll see it the most is with these crazily inflated transfer fees.

“A player that was £100m might now be more like £50m, and a £50m player might be more in the £20-30m region.

“What I have to say, though, is that I believe that’s a good thing. The amount clubs and agents were demanding around signings had got stupid. Although the circumstances are terrible, it will be good to see a sense of normality again with the huge amounts we were seeing for players.

“One player that Man Utd, and Ed Woodward, would probably change their thinking on is Jadon Sancho. He’s worth breaking the bank for.”

“He’s still young, only 20, yet so established. He’s obviously incredibly talented, and although the club will be entering a bidding war if they want to buy him, if they have the chance they would be stupid not to.

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“Fans would be right to be disappointed if they thought United had the chance to have Sancho, and the club didn’t fight for him.”


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